Thursday, February 23, 2012



So I can't express how much I love using diffrent programs to edit my photos with.
I've stated before that I use Pisca and Photoshop but my all time favorite is the free online program Picnik
Unfortunitaly Picknik will be shuting down in April =`(

But moving forward...This is Aubrey a great friend that let me stick my camera in her face for a couple of hours!

With Aubrey I wanted to shoot something fun! As soon as I found thins wall I thought perfect background!
As you can see a nifty thing with Picknik is adding a frame for before and after.
Changing up the lighting and the color in basic edits then usings cross process.
Last effect that I used was focal Soften to bring more focus to Aubrey's face.

She's a Talking girl
Aubrey supprised me with all kinds of funky poses
Because the background was already dark I kinda wanted her to pop out of the background with my editing in this photo.
Again only at first changing the lighting and color. Then using color boost very slightly, then dodging around her shape to make her shape pop out of the background.

This photo was a little more difficult to edit jsut because there were som many distracting things in the background.
Cinema scope is what I used to start with this one. Then of course the normal color and lighting.

The rest are nothing super special on the fantastic side of editing but they are still worth looking at!

Don' Forget to check out the rest of my stuff with out commentary =D

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