Monday, February 6, 2012

The Eddie C Band

So I recieved an opportunity to take photos for a local band.
The Eddie C Band

They were playing at Sharky's On The Pier in Venice
They play a little of everything starting out acoustic with some classics like Brown Eyed Girl and Fat Bottom Girls, then ending in  Covers from bands like; Zeplin and ZZ Top.

So for my first time taking pictures of a band it was a little difficult to say the least
I had to work around microphone sands and people dancing.

I wanted a good band shot with all the players this is where I ran into another problem and it really tested my patients. Not all the people look toward the camera at the same time!
You have to time it just right

This is my before

Another thing I ran into was shooting at night is a little more difficult than shooting in the day time, lots of red-eye and glare.

This is the after:

To help with red-eye, using a red-eye remover does the trick most of the time, but sometimes it leaves a weird look to the eyes/ Something I do Suggest is to use the red-eye remover and then use a burning tool to take out the grey-ish ring around the retina. The burning tool will give you a more flowing look without the harshness of a grey circle.

This is the Before:

This is the After:

I use a few programs to edit my photos;
Pisca, Picnik, and Photoshop.

To edit this particular photo, using fill light with Pisca then loading it to Picnik to use their effects tab.
The specific effects that I used for this was;
1960's and Cross Process, then I used Vignette.
Then finally I use Photoshop to add my logo.


See what I'm talking about with the glare!
Not only the glare off the guitar but because there were colored stage lights I also got those colors on his forehead. I'm gonna have to play around with my flash next time I'm photographing this band!


Not too happy with this one only because it's a little too red for me I could have turned down the temp by adding blue to the photo so, the stage lights didn't make him look like a tomato.


This is where I tried to get my flash less on the drum set but more toward the drummer.


Still using the Cross Process and 1960's
The effects dimmed the flash off the drum set.


This one I didn't mind the Mic being int he way I think it brings the photo together.
Just enough props to complete the Photo.


This image I took out the color and used the soft focus on Picnik

I did finally did get a little more comfortable and these are the rest of the shots form the night

If you do ever get a chance to head out to Venice make sure that your entertainment for the evening is the Eddie C Band!!

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