Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fort Desoto, Tampa

Fort Desoto, Tampa

Mark and I go on little adventures across Florida and last Thursday Mary and I went on one of our little adventures.

We went to Tampa and to Fort Desoto

Our first stop was the rest area just before the Skyway Bridge
Mark and I parked the car and started walking toward the bridge
We saw this little bugger on a wall and I thought he was really interesting

Out in the distance is the beautiful vision of the Skyway bridge

We tried really hard to get the bridge in the background =D

I had to add a little old timey feel to this one
I like to use Pisca for adjusting lighting and a little filters
I think he looks super cute =D

We did finally quit playing around at the rest stop and made it out to Fort Desoto
There is an Island not to far away from Fort Desoto called Egmont Key
and this is the Boat that would take you out to the Island.

The Skyway from Fort Desoto
If you look super close there is a huge freight liner heading into the port of Tampa

Needless to say that Fort Desoto island is huge but we did finally make it to the Fort
There are tons of rooms where Ammo was stored, the barracks, and the mess hall. 

Could you let me out please there are Spiders in here!!

Alot of fun is pretending to be in jail =D
I think Mark does a great job of pretending to be in jail

In between the sections of Barracks and storage rooms are sentry guns there were four in each courtyard but now there is only two.
Looking down the barrel of the enormous gun, peek-a-boo I see Mark! 

If Mark could have a gun I think he is happy with this one
I mean come on look at his face!

This is one of the longer rooms in the Fort that Mark is checking out with the flash light on his phone

Across from the Fort is a beach and a fishing pier
This little guy was just chilling on the Pier
When I got close enough for him to move we noticed that he only had little numbs
Something had happened to his feet is made me a little sad

Taking a break from all the walking

We had Tons of fun at Fort Desoto the is the sight leaving the Fort
A beautiful typical Florida view

If you do get a chance to take a little adventure and you do get to head over to Fort Desoto
It's one of the Beautiful State Parks that Florida has to offer
Lots of things to look at and explore
Head over to the website for more information about Fort Desoto and the amenities that it has to offer!
Happy Adventuring!

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