Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fix Fest

Fix Fest

Okay for those of you that don't know what fix fest is...
Well it's a giant collection of Volkswagen fans, the ones who dive them, the ones who fix them and the ones who can't live without them =D

Lucky me Mark is one of those VDub fans
Last year we got the opportunity to hit up the FixFest in Bradenton at Desoto Super Speed Way.

Thankfully it was a chance for me to break out my camera and try my hand at a different type of photogrpahy.

This is Before...

Kinda dark but I Really like the clouds reflecting in the hood

This is the After...

Boosted the color a bit and the lighting and I couldn't forget my logo

Car Numero Dos
The Bumble Bee

This car actually was in Eruo Tuner Magazine
The entire car's theme is Black and yellow.
The engine bay, the interior, and even the wheels
It was actually a really awesome car to look at, and it was an awesome attention to detail!

This is the after!

The one thing I really like to do is selective color and what better car to do it with than the Bumble Bee!!
I had to adjust the lighting a little bit then used photoshop to select the background
Then desaturate the selected background

The one thing at Fix Fest that I thought was awesome was the decorations with duct tape on the cars around the entire place!
Some had mustaches and sayings,
This one had to be my all time favorite!

Not only did the duct tape entertain me but some of the most extreme attention details
Like this engine cover awesomely painted!

This car was something I couldn't help but trying with the editing
I played around with the Cut out effect on Photoshop
I slid the bar on different levels and the clarity
I finally found a happy medium with 5 different levels

The dueling Bugs!
Not only was there a car show
There was a drag strip for the cars to try to make fastest lap

This had to be my fav shot and I think the most important thing that I learned about trying to shoot cars is the angles
Normally you would shoot something straight on but you really don't get the full depth or the feel of the vehicle if you shoot it straight on
So tip of the day: when shooting cars try a complete different angle it just might suprise you!

If you get a chance to check out a car show
Fix Fest is the place to be!
I <3 VW

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