Sunday, January 15, 2012

Logan's Shoot

Logan's 3rd Birthday Shoot

After cake, presents, and party food Logan's Mommy dearest Kasey dawned Logan in an adorable outfit for his shoot.
Kasey and Logan live out in Palmetto where there an abundance of perfect places to get the perfect shot.
At just 3 years old Logan did awesome at posing and not being afraid to jump in grass that was taller than he was, that also might contribute to the fact that he is a 3 year old boy too =D!
This was the before shot
Logan does an awesome job of haming it up
for me!

This took some playing around with
I usually try to stick to as little editing as possible but I just couldent resist adding an oldtime-y feel to this picture
I mean come on now he looked lie a cowboy minus the hat!

Next Mom, Dad, and Logan

Okay so here is the original
Isn't wonderful that they all have red hair!
So freking adorable!!!

Okay so I cropped a bit and boosted the color a bit to bring out that wonderful red!

Oh how he loves his momma

He didn't exactly want to be up there had to have some help from momma

Something a good photogrpaher should always have when taking pictures of children
is a jacket with lost of pockets for a couple of resons.
1.) A place to put toys and cansy
2.) Pockets for literally everything of the just in cases
and of course
3.) to keep you warm it just might be cold out there!

Mister pouty face

Logan showing us the way home
I still can't get over his outfit!
Momma you did an awesome job finding it!

After cake and tons of pictures I think Logan is kinda done

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