Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet Supra

Meet Supra

This is our wonderful Supra!

We adopted her when we were in NC in December.
She is such a bundle of energy and spoiled rotten =D

She is learning how to pose for mom since I am constantly in her face with my camera.

"Yuck mom don't take that picture of me I'm not ready yet"

Even though she has her own bed she loves to hop up on the couch and on the bed as well!

Mark and I are starting to Crate Train her and she is battling us at every turn.
A plus is that she is potty trained so we really don't have to worry about accidents in the house or in the crate.

Tip for taking pictures of pups
and have treats!!

The sit and stay commands and lots of treats are definitely the trick!

I try to find an open and clear spot where there arnt going to be any distractions where Supra can focus on me and the commands that I'm giving her.

Give the sit command or whatever command your want them to pose in and then the treats begin. Then just start snapping away!

If they move don't get mad they are like children they don't want to sit still.

Don;t get me wrong taking pictures of Supra is a work in progress and it takes lots of time!
there will be more to come =D

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